Tube Amplifier Overhaul

Many of the most popular amps today are 25+ years old and are well beyond their expected service life. Eventually that sweet vintage tube amp will need to be "overhauled" to produce good tone and stay off the repair bench.   An overhaul is not a repair. The overhaul process is maintenance for amps that are past their life expectancy. Your amp probably doesn't need an overhaul unless it is over 20 years old and has not been maintained or is unused for an extended time.   An overhaul returns your old amp to original specs, includes functional analysis of all circuits and replacing the known failure parts that have not been previously replaced.   
The standard services in an overhaul include:    

  • A complete "cap job" that includes replacing all the electrolytic filter and bypass capacitors and any faulty or suspect tone and coupling capacitors.  
  • A complete re-tube.  
  • A new AC cable if needed.  
  • Replacement or repair of all defective, noisy, worn or suspect switches, jacks, controls, tube sockets and other parts subject to physical and elemental wear.  
  • Cleaning and corrosion protection of all tube sockets, jacks, controls, connectors and switches.  
  • Check and replace out of tolerance and noisy plate and grid resistors.  
  • Service the reverb pan and cables.  
  • Straighten bent chassis as needed.  
  • Replace missing or damaged hardware and tighten loose fasteners.  
  • Check the speakers and speaker wiring and service as needed.
  • An overhaul is completed with the burning in of new output tubes, selection of pre-amp tubes and tuning of function and tone quality.
  • All components in an overhaul carry the Amphead 90 day guarantee.